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Default Re: Bengals have issues; Chad's not one of 'em

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
It's also HILARIOUS when he punches a coach, let me tell ya. Real team player right there. Yeah, I'd love to have him. Give the Bengals Parker and Polamalu (since they both suck now) and we can get Chad. Maybe him and Tomlin can exchange post game blows after a loss?
Actually... wasn't that the game where we shut em down so bad he decided to do that?

Honestly, again I wonder what would happen if he was on a team that put the smack down on him the first time he tried to act up?

I think that we have had a few chad type players on our team, but the pride of being a Steeler and the discipline instilled by the team were controlling factors on someone like Porter. Santo seemed to be going down that the year before last as well. yeah, I really wonder what would happen if CJ went to a team that would smack him down.

Do I want him? no. Cause I wouldn't want the risk!
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