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Default Problems with the Redskins headsets

Campbell said he missed a couple plays because of problems with his headset, but neither he nor Gibbs made a big issue of it.

"It's intermittent," Gibb said. "It's something that's going on in the NFL. I don't think that right now I ought to address it, because if I do I certainly don't want to use that as an excuse on us for anything that happened today. I will continue to let the league know what happened to us and we'll just have to see how they deal with it."

No matter how the redskins play this one out they will be painted as the bad guys. If your not on the Pats band wagon then you are sure to be thrown under it.

Whats the deal with all this smoke? If it looks like a fire and smells like a fire then surely there has to be some sort of fire???
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