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Default Re: Torre to Pirates?

Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
I think I have a better shot at becoming president of the US then Torre becoming the Buccos skipper....Were in the hell is Danny Murtaugh when we need him? Even Danny couldn't help this current

Really fans just need to stop going to the games period......I'm talking like when the Indians use to only draw 1000 people some night back in the early 90s for really something to happen for the Nutting's to sell this team...I won't be critical if fans want to go though thats their right but thats what its going to take like 83 said until they don't make a profit then nothing will be done....
If I want to go to a baseball game, I'll go to a damned baseball game! I'm sick and tired of people telling me what I should be doing to fix the Pirates. I like PNC Park and I like baseball. If I want to go to a ballgame, I'll go to a damned ballgame. Some of you have been away for too long and have lost your SWPa spirit.
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