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Default Re: SI/Perloff: Don't Overlook Steelers in AFC Race

The Patriots and Colts are formidable, but not unbeatable.

What people tend to forget about the Patriots is that they are an older team playing their starters a lot of minutes. Older teams tend to wear down as the year goes on and...injuries tend to occur. Let them have their fun right now, but as of right now, they haven't won anything beyond #1 on various poles in the country.

Other than last year, I still think Peyton Manning can be beaten in the playoffs...especially by us.

The Steelers can do it, but they need to learn to handle success and focus every single week a little better than they do.

In the past 15 years, I have seen supposed unbeatable teams/people not win the Championship:

- 1990 Oakland A's - swept by the Reds
- 1991 UNLV Running Rebels - dominant and undefeated team...beaten by Duke
- 1989 Mike Tyson - knocked out by Buster Douglass
- 2005 Indianapolis Colts - with home field advantage, they are beaten by some lowly 6th seeded Wild Card. Who was that...oh I remember.

It's a long season folks. The Patriots and Colts haven't won anything yet. But for those of you that think that they can't be beaten, then just listen to Dennis Green's soundbite on youtube over and over again.
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