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Default Re: SI/Perloff: Don't Overlook Steelers in AFC Race

The Patriots look unbeatable. They blow out each opponent they've faced. Regardless of if they're playing at home or away, prime time or not, AFC or NFC, Divisional game or not, they're blowing out each opponent. The media has preordained them as SB champs. Now look at reality.

They've only played 3 teams with a record of .500 or above (and the chargers were in a tailspin at the time they played). Granted, they can only play who's on their schedule, and our Steelers have had an easy schedule also, but we know we're beatable.

They have their division wrapped up after just 8 weeks. This means no adversity, which they'll surely face in the playoffs. The 07 Patriots are following the exact same road as the 05 Colts, and look at what happened to said colts in the playoffs....1 and done.

The players can claim otherwise all they want, but they do read the press clippings. They're only human, and being pro athletes, have big egos. Being the media darlings may be good for the ego, but not for their playoff performance.

Are the Steelers the best team in the NFL? I don't think so, but the best team often falls short in the playoffs. The lack of adversity will really hurt the patsys in the playoffs.
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