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Default Re: SI/Perloff: Don't Overlook Steelers in AFC Race

Originally Posted by BlastFurnace View Post

In the past 15 years, I have seen supposed unbeatable teams/people not win the Championship:

- 1991 UNLV Running Rebels - dominant and undefeated team...beaten by Duke

It's a long season folks. The Patriots and Colts haven't won anything yet. But for those of you that think that they can't be beaten, then just listen to Dennis Green's soundbite on youtube over and over again.
I also have been thinking about the Duke-UNLV analogy, as well as the '83 Redskins, who had an offense that seemed to score at will like the Pats, until they met up with the Raiders (with 2 shutdown corners in Lester Hayes & Mike Haynes) and got smashed in the Super Bowl.

Like the Pats that undefeated Vegas team was being compared to the greatest teams of all time, reveled in its outlaw image, and had administered a 30 point beat down to Duke the year before. Of course Duke played a flawless game, and , after beating Vegas, won the national championship 2 nights later and repeated the next year, illustrating that it usually takes a great team to beat a potentially legendary team.

Beating the Pats will be difficult but not impossible (unless something unfortunately () happens to Tom Terrific). It will require keeping the Pats in the high 20s to low 30s and a perfect offensive game plan.
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