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Default Re: SI/Perloff: Don't Overlook Steelers in AFC Race

Originally Posted by LambertLunatic View Post
They've only played 3 teams with a record of .500 or above (and the chargers were in a tailspin at the time they played).
Great points about the schedule! Also, some of their stats benefit from running up the score. How many coaches have their first team on the field when they are up 38-0 let alone go for it on 4th down? If you look at their records vs. the better teams they've played, the margins of victory are much closer.

Still, the fact that they've scored on every first possession is very impression and make no mistake this is a very good team. However, a lot can happen in a season. In a league where the difference between undefeated and middle of the pack is one hit, anything can happen.

Also, I don't know about you guys but I believe in luck and jinxes and stuff like that and I feel, right now, the Pats are doing some bad karma stuff.
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