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Default Re: Next up the Ravens!

The Ravens have always been good at playing against the steelers because of their tough run defense. This year, I expec the same. However, I also think that after last year's embarresments, the O-Line will do a much better job of protecting Ben on passing plays and that we will have a more sound game plan. Run and Pass for 1st downs, control the ball, keep their D on the field as long as possible with a few shots deep to Holmes (we seem to take those shots every game now) to keep the secondary out of the box and look for the big play. The biggest difference this year, will be Our Defense vs their Offense. No Lewis to worry about, that punk from Buffalo doesn't worry me as much as Lewis' hard running style did. Our D should get a couple sacks this year early, put their QB in a pressure situation and keep them running for their lives most of the game. I expect their punter to get a lot of work and expect us to win by 3 or more field goals. Maybe 26 - 17. Something Like that.
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