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Default Re: Holmes is a rising star

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
Combination of two things IMO....

A) Getting involved with the Steelers organization and seeing how things are handled here. I believe his troubles occured before he was able to get involved with the organization.

B) Hines Ward pulling him aside and having a few talks with him and making it very clear to him what is expected of him.

Man, I remember some fans wanted to give the kid the boot before he even entered Pittsburgh city limits.
And I was one. The red flags within the context at the time and the historical failure of No. 1 receivers made the jump to a conclusion easy.

And how HE has turned this around is the most pleasant surprise since perhaps...

We don't want "stars." We want receptions. And this sly cat is becoming the 'known commodity.' Dare I say disciplined?
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