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Default Re: Ravens pose serious threat

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
The Rats will likely try what they used last year: Throw lots of blitzes at Ben. Ben, like he said himself, has to get the ball out and quickly. He's the X-factor for the Steelers in this game.

One thing that worries me is the O-Line. They really need a spectacular game. Unfortunately, with Kendoll Simmons lining up. I can only hope for an above-average game from them.
Ben needs to work on hitting the hot receiver rather than scramble and try to out run the pass rush -at this point I am not expecting great strides by tehe O-line.

While watching NFL Replay of the game last night there were 2 points of maximum danger on the drive for the FG in the 4th quarter - when Ben scrambled and got hit around the Steelers 40 on what was ruled an incomplete pass & later on that drive when Ben threw across his body across the field to Holmes (a great result buta dangerous play).

And the D cannot play soft like it did on the Bengals last drive
Against the Ravens those sorts of acts will lead to turnovers.
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