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Default Re: Without a Fullback

Originally Posted by steelpride12 View Post
Its funny because for everything that is changed there is always a reason for it.

Kreider job lost to Carey Davis-No Reason!
Maybe this quote from Coach Tomlin's 9/11/07 press conference will shed some light on the fullback position:

Specifically on Carey, he did exactly what we anticipated him doing. He?s a very athletic guy from a fullback standpoint. He can get hats on people in space. He?s a great perimeter lead blocker. He showed up big time for us in the special teams game. He emerged in that area before he emerged as a runner and as a fullback specifically. He made a big play for us in the kicking game. What we do offensively in terms of who starts, I think, at times that can be overblown. It depends on how we want to attack people. We can start in two tight ends; we can start in three wides; we can start out with Carey or we can start out with Dan (Kreider). Dan is still a great isolation, short-yardage blocker. When we had some time consuming drives in the second half, it was because Dan was playing fullback. We just want to be multiple. We have what we believe to be a lot of weapons. We want to use them all. Of course we can?t use them all at the same time. Last week?s game plan dictated that Carey got the start. Maybe next week?s game plan dictates that (Matt) Spaeth gets the start, or maybe Dan gets the start. We?re not worried about who starts. Everybody has got to be ready to contribute and that?s our mentality in regards to those men.
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