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[QUOTE=TroysBadDawg;314318]Take a double double of Jack PRN
but I now have a purty little lump on my noggin - QUOTE]

For the lump on the noggin, place ice in a rag, rub over the lump three times for the lump. Then place ice in a glass and fill with Jack, drink the filled glass until empty. PRN

That will be 3 call me in the morning. Be sure to have your insurance card handy.

If you don't want the Jack I will drink it for you. Waaa Hooooo

Although I would rather have Lebanese ARAK (100 proof)

BTW What the hell is Stoley's???

I likey your recipe, but not the Jack variety. Stoley's is the smoothest vodka out there! Tastes darned good with some cranberry juice and a lime!

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