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Default Re: Holmes is a rising star

Originally Posted by jjpro11 View Post
man.. i remember thinking he had bust written all over him around draft day. undersized wr, average speed, decent hands, coming out as a junior... phew.. glad i was dead wrong. im so so glad we took him over chad jackson!
I'm glad we took him over jackson too, haha burried at the bottom of the NE depth chart as a second round pick, holy shit is he even on the team? right now im counting moss, stallworth, welker, gaffney, washington, thats five, and jackson?

as far as holmes. i don't really want to reiterate the above post, but holmes runs awesome routes, blazing speed, and with those hands ben could be throwing him eggs and hed catch them unbroken. put him in a system like indy NE, philly, or detroit, or cincy i think you would easily see 1200 yrds 10 td's every year
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