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Default Re: Most Hated in the NFL

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
I loathe Belicheat as much as most of the non-Cheatsie fan base, but I have to go with Michael Vick here. While Belicheat is an arrogant, classless, adulterous, cheating prick, a cack kick or a repetitive bitch slap would knock that shit-eating grin off of that bulldog face of his. He didn't take the lives of or maim innocent animals for shits and giggles (and money) like Vick did.

Stabbit Ray is a close second.
I voted for Belicheat over Vick for one simple reason----Belicheat is a scheming SOB who knows exactly what he is doing is wrong.

As horrible as MV's crime is---and I am a "dog person" so I find it horrible---I truly believe that MV did not completely understand that his actions are wrong. He grew up with dogfighting---just like a large segment of our rural population--attitudes must be changed.

Belicheat, however, knows perfectly well that he is lying, cheating, smirking, classless pig---and chooses to be one. That is why I hate him more.

And actually Tom Brady is becoming a close second after his display against the Redskins. How can you get that upset about a pentalty when you're up 38-0??? I would like to wipe that smirk off his face. I don't ever wish injury on people. But there is a small evil part of me that would like to see Brady go down on one of those 4th quarter drives when their leading 52-0.
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