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Default Re: Chad Johnson speaks out ... 'Selfish is good'

CJ just wants to be on a team that has a QB with a quality arm and a strong desire to throw deep and often. To CJ being selfish is everything because all he is worried about are his personal stats.

I think he believes that he can bully his way into the HOF on the sheer weight of inflated stats regardless of wins and losses. The media stunts also keep him in the spotlight. If he mentions the HOF often enough people will continually evaluate the question that he poses. It is almost like subliminal messages, trick people into believing / thinking about something they dont want.

Originally Posted by NCSteeler View Post
. I really get tired of hearing it, T.O. didn't ruin the Eagles, Mcnabb couldn't have his huge ass ego get along with someoen who might be a better player that he is, Mcnabb will always insist on being the star..
Couldnt agree more with you NCSteeler - spot on assessment
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