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Default Re: Reid's son receives 23 months/Judge blasts family

Originally Posted by rbryan View Post
Thats pretty harsh criticism considering the judge doesn't really know what going on there. If Doctors are prescibing medications and the kids are into whatever illegal drugs they are into behind thier parents back, then whats Reid supposed to do. The guy has a 20 hour a day job. There are a whole lot of parents in this country whose kids are on dope that wouldn't get called out like that. Sounds like this judge is trying to draw a little attention to himself.
Depends what kind of presentence report the judge got from the probation offficer(s) - the judge may be ticked off the DA did not try to forfeit (seize) the house as being used as a base of operations for the drug dealing (this was not someone getting busted just for personal use) - if the "boys" were living the life of street dealers while living at home Reid had to have some clue what was going on.

IMO the judge is not a publicity hound here - given the nature of the fan base, there are easier ways to draw attention to yourself than by calling out the Eagles HC in Philly.
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