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Default Re: Bad Feeling...

But his comment about Polamalu, a three-time Pro Bowl selection and the youngest member of the Steelers' 75th anniversary team, might be even more shocking.

"Ed's a great player," Arians said of Reed, a thee-time Pro Bowl selection and the NFL's defensive player of the year in 2004. "I personally think he's the best. I love Troy and I think he's good, but Ed is really good."
Sounds to me like Arians (who, believe me, is not giving any secrets away to the media!) is trying to light a fire under the whole team, but particularly under Troy, whom many of us think is still spectacular but a bit "off" his usual standard of excellence this year. As Ed Bouchette said in the Tuesday chat, maybe it has something to do with having cartilage "ripped off his ribs," which makes my eyes water just to type it. Ed also said, "he's not having the kind of impact he's had on defense in the past, and I'm not sure why." I think Troy must be playing in a lot of pain, though he would never admit it.

I doubt that the Steelers need any extra motivation for this game. Having your hat unceremoniously handed to you twice in one season hopefully lit within each player a burning desire for revenge. I agree with the general consensus that the Ravens this year are not an equal of the Steelers, and if the Steelers play mistake-free football, they will win.
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