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Default Re: Bad Feeling...

We will run the ball. That's the bottom line. There is no choice in the matter. Against the Ravens you have to run right at them. That's how you keep your QB safe, keep them from pinning their ears back and coming hard every play and you keep the play action pass alive when they drop an 8th into the box. That's what we DID NOT Do last year, Ben was eaten live when we tried to get cute and get away from doing what we do. We run, if its Willie 30 times for 80 yards, so be it, we will need to stay consistant on Offense, run, set up the play action, toss a couple deep ones to holmes, hit Ward and Miller on some key 3rd downs to move the sticks and that will be the game plan. This is a case where Bruce is telling them, "here we come" and putting our O-line on notice. Give it to the Ravens, or they will give it to you.

Bottom Line!
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