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Default Bad Mouthing Bill Cowher!!

The reason for this post is to say that any negative things said about Bill C. is just plain stupid. That is not a personal attack on anyones character but to think that any real Steelers fan would have a negative mindset towards a coach that kept the Steelers winning tradition going for over ten years is just plain sad. Also to say we could have won more SBs with another coach, any team in the NFL can make that statement, but most of them would take Cower in a heart beat.

I know that we had bad years and i also know that there were some times where his coaching decisions seemed wrong or not right for the situation, But so what, No-one can name a NFL, forget just NFL lets say any professional sporting franchise that has had the same coach, general manager, leader ect, that has kept their team at the top of their league for that amount of time. In the past yes but not at this day and age. You may find one or two but you wont find over five. The Steelers have been at the top in or actually in 1st place in rushing and rushing defense the entire time he was the coach.

Some are actually going as far as to say ALREADY!. That Tomlin is better than Cower.
That doesn't make any sense. Don't misunderstand I think Tomlin is a great coach and believe he will keep the Steelers tradition going strong. Heck I actually believe he will win a Superbowl if he does not change his style.

But to compare him to a Hall Of Fame Coach doesn't make sense. Lets put it like this
Not to put down Tomlin but, he is like George Siefert, Barry Switzer or John Gruden to which he inherited a great team with a lot of talent and everyone is screaming how great his coaching is. I love his style but he hasn't even been through a year of coaching.

If Cower had went to the Cleveland Browns and not the Steelers they may have been the Team with the Superbowl in the last ten years and not us.

I'm going to stop their because I could go on for ever. The next time any Steelers fan reads or hears something negative about a coach that kept you positive and looking forward to Sundays for over t tens years tell them they could go be a Detroit or Arizona fan.

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