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Default Re: Bad Mouthing Bill Cowher!!

I cant understand how much more Cowher could have done. The man never had a real QB until Big Ben and it took him 2 years after Ben came to win a title. If O'Donnell has one more come from behind victory in SB XXX, Cowher is sitting with 2 Super Bowls. If Kordell doesn't throw an INT in the 97 AFC championship game in the end zone, we may have gone to SD that year and beat the Packers. Sports sometimes is about the little things that cant be controlled. In 2001, we knocked out Brady, played great D and didnt make mistakes on O until our special teams blew it and then the pressure came on and KS threw 3 INTS.

There is only so much a coach can do. Belecrap wouldnt be where he is right now on 3 rings if it weren't for Brady. I don't care what a genius he is. Give Cowher Brady in 94 and 95, and more then likely the Steelers win those two bowls and who knows how many more after. The game is played by the players, talent wins, coaches can only tell you what you need to do, after that the players have to go out and do it.
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