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Default Re: Congratulations Hines Ward

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past

If the Steelers could develop a bona fide No.1 receiver then Pittsburgh would be a genuine double threat on offense - ground and air - Hines would be the best No.2 receiver in the league.


was that supposed to be as insulting as it sounds? theres maybe 10 teams hines wouldnt be the #1 receiver. probably only marvin harrison is more durable. jerry rice proved you didnt need blazing speed to get open downfield. pigeon holing hines as a possession or #2 receiver is a bit unfair. anyways who was #1 and #2 in the 70's? stallworth or swann? it doesnt matter.

maybe if the steelers develop a bonafide #2 receiver, hines will be the undisputed best
# 1 receiver in the nfl.

anyways he deserves every penny hes making as a #1 receiver and all preseason grumblings and media comparisons to jason kendall (singles hitter, cant hit the home run) are totally bogus.
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