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Default The Steelers are going to beat the Patriots

Watching tonight?s game between the cheaters and Colts has confirmed my theory. Here is what we do. Coach, if you?re secretly a member of this board pay attention ;) ? I have been thinking about this since week 3.

Randy Moss ? Man to man him with Ike the WHOLE GAME. We all know Taylor excels when covering receivers man to man, especially big name receivers. Play a deep zone with the open safety to the side of the field that Moss is on if he can be spared.

Wes Welker ? Here is where the plan gets a little strewed: My original idea had B-Mac on him? But now with Bryant being injured for who knows how long (Unless you guys know something I don?t) we would have to go with Gay or Rossum man on him.

Dante Stallworth ? Deshea Townsend manned up on him. Had Stallworth been a generic receiver I would have wanted Deshea in the dime, but he?s not. Stallworth is primarily used on quick throws to gain YAC. Townsend?s strength is tackling, primarily on running plays but that?s basically what the throws to Stallworth are.

Ben Watson ? Polamalu.

We can get a good pass rush from Kiesel and Smith along with run stopping from Hampton/Hoke? Then we rotate through our linebackers dropping one into small zone depending which on the offensive formation and blitz the rest.

If this strategy doesn?t work, my back up plan would be: BLITZ THE HELL OUT OF THEM.

But seriously, with the zone in the middle of the field + man on Welker I could see him getting shut down, Moss would be a threat but you?re going to have to trust you?re guys this game so put Ike on him and back him up, Stallworth hasn?t done much this year and seems to get forgotten in some games, Polamalu usually does great on tights with the exception of a few Antonio Gates run ins... Plus, Watson is coming off an injury? Leave the run up to Steelers football and call it a game.

I know video games are a far stretch from real life, but I have used this strategy countless times before and it can just confuse people to death. (Of course, those people are not pro coaches being paid millions for their football knowledge.) I think with mixing things up a bit and elaborating this plan that I have come up with is a good one? Or at least, as good as many people could come up with? Feedback?
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