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Default Re: Congratulations Hines Ward

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
was that supposed to be as insulting as it sounds? theres maybe 10 teams hines wouldnt be the #1 receiver. probably only marvin harrison is more durable. jerry rice proved you didnt need blazing speed to get open downfield. pigeon holing hines as a possession or #2 receiver is a bit unfair. anyways who was #1 and #2 in the 70's? stallworth or swann? it doesnt matter.

maybe if the steelers develop a bonafide #2 receiver, hines will be the undisputed best
# 1 receiver in the nfl.

anyways he deserves every penny hes making as a #1 receiver and all preseason grumblings and media comparisons to jason kendall (singles hitter, cant hit the home run) are totally bogus.
There was certainly no insult intended - in my opinion Hines Ward does not have the attributes of an elite No.1 receiver - and saying that there is only 10 teams that wouldnt have him as a No.1 receiver doesnt seem that impressive when there is only 32 teams.

There is certainly no factual basis behind your assertion that Hines Ward will be the 'undisputed No.1 receiver in the NFL' should they pick up another talented WR - that is wild guesswork at best.

Hines is currently rated at number 23 on the yards gained list - I am aware that the Steelers do not pass much, but by the same token he has faced only 4 defenses of any note this season - New England, San Diego, Baltimore and Jacksonville.

Hines is an excellent WR and always puts his body on the line - but I dont think you are doing him any favors by putting him in the same paragraph as Jerry Rice.

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