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Default Quotes please? Help?

Ok guys - I am writing a story on the Colts v cheaters game for the school paper... Unfortunately, my advisors want me to do a whole story on this game alone as opposed to my normal huge NFL weekly recap... I guess all the hype even got to them... To be honest I enjoyed the Bills Bengals game more... But anyway, I need some quotes...

Tell me your full name:

Where you are from:

What did you think about the game in general yesterday?

What implications do you believe the game had on the rest of the regular season?

What did the game tell you about the Patriots?

What did the game tell you about the Colts?

Did anything surprise you about the game?

OK – I would be really thankful if some people could fill that out… I’m in the dog house right now a little bit in this class because I’m going to be Editor-in-Chief next year which means you more or less teach the class and as of now I’m not getting it done from my assistant spot… So I want to get some really good quotes & stories this week… I’ll link the article when it’s publish here… Thanks again, if this works out and is ok to do with everyone here at SF I may do it again for a lot of my sports articles… Thanks again.
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