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Default Re: Quotes please? Help?

Originally Posted by ShutDown24 View Post

Tell me your full name:

Where you are from:

What did you think about the game in general yesterday?

What implications do you believe the game had on the rest of the regular season?

What did the game tell you about the Patriots?

What did the game tell you about the Colts?

Did anything surprise you about the game?

Scott Himes
Dunedin, FL
1) It was the most over-hyped game I've heard about in years. However, it was definitely a well played game between two well coached teams.
2) It has little implications on the rest of the regular season but it will have bigger implications on the post-season.
3) It tells me that the patriots are fallible but that they also play for 60 minutes. They never gave up and they have the weapons to strike quickly.
4) The colts have a deep roster but without all their weapons, they are mortal
5) I'm surprised that the score wasn't bigger - I didn't think the defenses on the field were that good (at least before the game).

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