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Default Re: Congratulations Hines Ward

actually hines it easilly a top 5
6 receiver. he doesnt drop the ball. still theres probably 10 teams who would (mistakingly) stick with what they got. i couldnt see detroit giving up on r. williams, gb with walker, texans with johnson etc. you dont think hines couldnt go to seattle and put up steve smith type numbers in that offense? what good is l. coles or s. moss type speed if you habitually drop balls? for A SLow possession wr, he sure is wide open quite a bit. and its not cause teams are double covering plexico this season. im trying to think what wr has had 100 rec. in a season, had double digit td's before, and 4 time pro bowler?

put him on any team today as the #2 rec and wait how long it takes him to supplant the #1 guy. like t. holt supplanting i bruce. then theres the rare case of the cardinals where boldin and fitzgerald dont need a #1 or #2 tag. this is how it should be with hines.

i guess i take it like saying deion branch doesnt have what it takes to be a #1 wr in the nfl or be a superbowl mvp. and hes too frail to be a #2 possession wr. but he would be the best #3 wr in the league. this is a pretty bogus statement cause you never know until put in the position to do so.

" I am aware that the Steelers do not pass much, but by the same token he has faced only 4 defenses of any note this season - New England, San Diego, Baltimore and Jacksonville."

if you count cincinatti (they were or are leading the league in turnovers/interceptions) that is 5 of 8 notable defenses. (of course theyre not ranked 1-5, that would be a record...or something) s. smith has faced miami, patrits, and tampa bay. no team has really faced more than 5 defenses of any note this season.

i see youre logic but the same logic could say ward sucks because green bay (not a defense of note) held hines to 1 catch for 13 yds.
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