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Default Re: ben listed as questionable

Originally Posted by rgleason
I don't think Cowher/Whisenut "know" that "Tommy=Loss." Remember, Tommy played as bad as you can, along with a lot of other guys, and we still almost beat a Playoff team.
No doubt Cowher is weary of where Tommy is right now, and if got to start Tommy, then the offense will be limited in play calling. Remember though, we are the Steelers, and it all starts with the Running Game. We could go get Ambridge's JV Qb to handoff the ball. You cant place all the blame on Tommy when our line is getting beat and we're not establishing any kind of run. I think Tommy is good enough that if he can play mistake free and hit a couple of throws early, he will gain confidence and play better.

I dont buy into the idea that Ben needs to play this week to be ready for Indy. He's a pro and should be able to to step in at any time and perform. Of course, unless you're with the team or in the "know," we have no idea where his knee is at, but I would prefer more rest, especially if we can get away with it against the Ravens
Hi, new guy. I disagree with almost everything you say. But, whatever...

Prove me wrong. That's the same challenge I utter to Tommy. Prove me wrong.

His arm is almost dead. I watched the game where Chad Pennington tried to throw the ball downfield, and it looked remarkably like Tommy trying to complete a 15 yard out. Chad's was a pick, and Tommy's went out of bounds.
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