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Default Re: Thank you Ray Lewis

Originally Posted by Petesburgh66 View Post
He must have brain damage for not realizing the Steelers were starting to run out the clock half way in the 3rd quarter. Pretty easy to stuff the box when you know they are going to run for that purpose. Oh and your so called great D gave up 5 TDs in the RAIN and when the game mattered. So shut the **** up and take loss like a man instead of making weak excuses.

Bottom line: Ray Lewis is a piece of shit that should be in jail. I could care less what he has to say or any of the pre-game shit he does.

And week 17 isn't going to matter. The Ravens will be done like dinner way before this time.
even that mini announcer was trying to give credit to the Rats for holding the Steelers in the 2nd half. Please get someone who knows SOMETHING about Steelers football when working the game!
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