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Default Re: Next up the Browns!

Hey, I can see why your team might think they have nothing to fear from the Browns.

I can also understand why Steeler fans also think they have nothing to fear from the Browns.

Going into week one, I made a habit of saying in these forums that this wasn't the same Cleveland Browns team as in the recent past.

Well, they waited a week before becoming that team I was describing.

In a strange way, perhaps I should THANK the Steelers for what happened during week one, because the Browns offensive line seems to have learned a valuable lesson (possibly more than one) from that game !!

I don't think the Steeler defense will find it as easy to get to Derek Anderson, who will drop back, pick a target and throw, compared to Charlie Frye, who couldn't seem to make up his mind.

The worst thing a team, or their fans, can do is to think that their opponent is not capable of beating them.

Do you really think that the Browns can't beat the Steelers ??

Of course you do ........

......... get ready...... payback's a BITCH !!!

This year, Pittsburgh is just gonna BLEED TO DEATH !!
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