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Default Re: ben listed as questionable

Firstly, Ben must be given a chance to fully recuperate.
Thats the long term mission.

If he can play with no risk beyond the normal risk of stepping onto the football field, so be it.

Secondly, Tommy can get thrown to the wolves. If it helps Ben, then it helps the team. Hopefully he has enough in him to play a few more games and not be a total embarrassment. (I know, asking for alot on this one). He simply plays his way right out of town if he cant at least be somewhat serviceable.

I would like to see another QB on the roster is Ben can't start. If Ben isnt able to start, then he shouldnt play at all. If El is being prepared for the possibilty, then thats cool. But I dont want to just give the game away. If Maddox is just diing out there, anyone with some experience might be able to help obtain a win.
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