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Default Re: Lambert missing?

P-G just says he has become "somewhat reclusive" although my understanding is he still does signing shows for the right price - hope an appearance fee was not the issue

Lambert also was listed to be one of the ex-Steelers speaking in the 1975 Steelers "America's Game" but did not appear on the broadcast - since he was named as a commentataor I wonder if his comments were simply left out or $$ were an issue - Bradshaw also did not appear on any of the 4 America's Game videos for the 70s Steelers.

I am not one of those who thinks he "owes it to the fans" but IMO he did owe it to Dan Rooney and the memory of The Chief. Does not detract from his legend but it is unsettling that something kept him away.

People grow distant from those with whom they were once close - I am glad to see Bradshaw buried whatever irked him over the years & seemed to be having a great time last night. As Brad said, those days were a long time ago and I cannot see when those greats will have an occassion to be together again - Lambert may regret it at some point but for some people nothing is sadder than the 2 words "remember when."

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