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Default Other teams should learn from Ravens

The Ravens successfully kept Anthony Smith's name out of the headlines this week by totally eliminating him from play making situations.

Let's see, their longest completion was of 9 yards. Poor Smith wanted them to throw it downfield so he could jack them up, but they were content with numerous 1-4 yard passes.

You see, if you want to keep him quiet, and not let him get in your heads, then just never throw the ball downfield. I suggest the Browns and Patriots realize this and try the Raven's strategy, as it exposed a way to keep one of our biggest play maker's out of the game.

The only problem with this is, it's exactly what the Steelers want you to do. The Ravens were so one dimensional last night it was sickening. I almost wanted them to have a decent completion, so that Smith could blow someone up. But hey, I'm fine with Smith having a quiet game, because we allowed only 104 total yards, and harrassed their offense repeatedly with pressure and hard hits.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I love you Anthony Smith, but you having a quiet game was one of the best things for us.
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