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Originally Posted by PisnNapalm View Post
I'm very bothered by the performance of our offensive line recently. I am not seeing any kind of great push off the line and our rushing attack does not seem to be getting it done.

A few things though.... Teams are loading up the box on us for sure. They are taking away the run as best they can. It's working. Our aerial game seems to clicking along just fine though. It makes me very nervous to rely on it for moving the ball. I want to see the Steelers march down the field on a 10 minute 13 play drive for 80+ yards and a TD. That is Steelers football.

Are any of you bothered by the O-line's play in recent weeks?
YES i agree. I have felt from preseason on that the O line is at best average. It maybe the Steelers down fall in the play offs. It could get better. I have seen O lines get better during the course of the season. There is hope. Where the most reasonable hope or expectation does in fact come from is--COACHING.

In short play calling.

The Steelers have enough fire power on offense not withstanding their offensive line. Ben is far and away the biggest gun. The receving corp is really beginning to impress me. Far better than the super bowl team of two years ago. Holmes is playing the complete game. Washington may be the a major factor yet.. He is clearly a superior athlete learning the game. Ward is the best. The tight ends are beyond solid. I do think the Steelers are not rolling Ben out enough. Let him go by design. Loosen up that defensive box. In my mind if the Steelers try play Cowher ball it simply will not work. The Steelers have too many weapons to go back to the power runnin game of the past years. The power game including the O line is not there and the passing game as we are now seeing it is awesome.

I am not saying Tommy Ball but lets keep doing what we are doing with a few more wrinkles with Ben being used even creatively. We may be watching the makings of greatness with Ben.

i believe the offensive line is what it is . If your looking for an area that should improve --look at KICK OFF COVERAGE. This area needs to get straightened out fast. Don't you think?

This post is written by a fan with 55 years of watching Steeler football. Enjoy the season.
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