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Default Re: Lambert missing?

Originally Posted by BlastFurnace View Post

In Ed Bouchette's blog, he mentions that money may have been an issue with Jack not appearing. It's sad that it comes down to this. My first game I ever saw of the Steelers was Super Bowl X. Jack Lambert....after he slammed Cliff Harris to the ground in SB 10...was one of the players from that game that made me love this team.

Bradshaw changed...maybe Lambert will too.
Thanks for the link - I was afraid it might be about $$$. Woodson, Lloyd & Anderson apparently had bitter money differences with the Steelers but they showed up.

Interesting the reference to $$ only made it into the online Blog n' Gold by Ed.B. but not his story on Lambert's absence to which I linked that apparently made it into the dead trees version of the P-G.
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