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Default Re: Who else is still worried about Ben's injury?

Originally Posted by cubanstogie View Post
I couldn't believe he was back in the game. I assume Ben begged to get back in so it wouldn't appear the Ravens knocked him out of game. His way of getting up before the ten count. I didn't hear anyone mention late hit though. That was my first reaction. That was totally unavoidable in my view. Tirico and Cornhole kept stating it looked benign. It looked fairly benign I'll admit, but definitely late.
A Baltimore Sun columnist agrees

Roethlisberger had to leave the game with 6:02 left in the third quarter after being pushed down by Ravens defensive end Terrell Suggs.

Suggs didn't get a penalty, but he should have. It was definitely a cheap shot, and a late hit. I understand the emotion of the Ravens-Steelers rivalry, but all the talking, pushing and fighting was too much after a while.

That is the sort of chippiness both sides display for this rivalry. Will be interested to see if it changes when Billick & Lewis & Hines are gone from the scene.
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