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Default Re: the "Jeff Gordon has never won this race 500"

Based on...............................................?

Before you go off on some other crazy tangent, you DO know that most of the star drivers from 20 years ago probably wouldn't even make the cut for truck racing now, right?

And the simple reason is talent. The talent pool is 50X greater now. These guys like Gordon are like the Tiger Woods of golf. Now kids are racing from the time they are 6 and they are racing everywhere in the Country, not just the bible belt. F-1 used to laugh at the hillibillies in the Chevy's, now they are signing up to race. Those old timers were pioneers, but they couldn't hang with todays drivers. I'm sure you'll tell me I'm full of shit or whatever, and that's fine. That won't, however, change the facts at hand.

By the way, Tony Stewart does deserved to be mentioned as the best NASCAR driver today. Him and Gordon are dead even.
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