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Default Re: Funny quotes regarding Steelers game on Browns forum

Originally Posted by fansince'76 View Post
Wow, if it wasn't for Derek Anderson's name being in there, I would have sworn that came from a Bungles board.
Below is a post on the Bungal Smack Board from a Bungals fan who always criticizes Ben

Big Ben looks absolutley awesome, and it's not just this game, this entire season he seems to have woken up and actually took to heart what he lacked the previous 3 years and is preparing himself before the games and it is showing big time now.

5 TD's in the first half so far makes him look even better than Brady has looked in any game this year so far.

I'm a football fan, i talk a lot of smack but i'm also one who will admit when he enjoys watching a great performance and tonight I am witnessing a great performance.

Nice job Ben.
I think last nights performance woke a lot of folks up to the fact that Ben is not just a game manager ... he is a game force.
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