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Default Re: Lambert missing?

I agree .... maybe Lambert will come around. If I remember, Bradshaw didn?t even return for "The Chief's." funeral, so it happens. I can't remember where I read this last night but someone noted that all great teams seem to have one player who sort of pulls this recluse persona regarding his old team and teammates. Anyhow, I hope Jack comes around, but he is still the best.

Also, I hope he realizes what he is missing. I got this from the ESPN blog regarding TB:


Just had a nice visit with former Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw after he wrapped up an interview with the MNF crew. He's never spent a lot of time in Pittsburgh since his career ended, but he said there's no real reason for that.

"I've just never been a guy that lives in the past," he said. "But coming back here reminds me why guys do that. It gives you a chance to sit around and tell stories, a lot which I've never heard."

Until this afternoon, Bradshaw said he never knew Mean Joe Greene raced down the sideline with running back Franco Harris during the Immaculate Reception. He also said it was news to him that receiver John Stallworth secretly went to coach Chuck Noll to complain that Bradshaw wasn't throwing him the ball enough.

When I asked him what year that was, he said, "Yesterday!"

Bradshaw, who lives in Dallas and works in Los Angeles a lot, said seeing his former teammates makes him want to return to Pittsburgh more. He'll return next year for Mel Blount's charity event.

We also talked about why Jack Lambert became such a recluse.

"I have no clue why Jack's like that," Bradshaw said. "He was always a little different, but it was a good different. I don't understand why he wouldn't come back. I know I haven't talked to him in years."

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