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Default Re: Baltimore Sun - Sour Grapes Column Of The Year

Ray needs to man up on this and, i guess that will never happen. To me all that matters is make the playoffs and, then we will see what happens. You know who gave us half of a chance in out 2005 super bowl run? Not many people and, really think we can do this. It all comes down to our defense getting prussure on the other teams qb and, then on Ben making good decisions. Look at brady & manning when they get pressure they look like a very normal qb. if Ben can elude the pass rush he makes some great plays in the passing game. I think we have a good shot to run the tables if we can stay healthy.

Again back to the criminal known as Ray once we lay the smack down on him and the ratbirds in the last game of the season in Baltimore like he is calling for they will have a losing season. As far as I can see the browns will give the ratbirds all they want as well. I would love to see us get 100 yards on the ground against the ratbirds that might shut him up. Or he would just make more lame excuses like always it is never his fault. See ray on defense there is something about stopping the run and The Pass. Last time I looked Big ben had td passes on your great defense.
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