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Default I appreciate the Steelers even more now.

When the Rats pwned the Steelers last year, you didn't hear the Steelers whining and making excuses about getting their butts handed to them. They swallowed their pride and took the loss like men.

While the Ravens were choking in the playoffs, the Steelers were getting ready for these clowns during the offseason. Lo and behold...

They showed they were ready for the Ravens' surprises this time. The Ravens came into Heinz Field thinking they would roll the Steelers again. Big Ben (who was the Rats' biggest victim last year) and Silverback made sure these dudes (including that chump Rex Ryan) got the message that they weren't dealing with the same old Steelers from last year. Final Score: Steelers 38 Ravens 7.

Post Game. Ray Lewis and just recently Trevor Pryce whine and diss on the Steelers in the media. Gay Ray calls out the Steelers, and Pryce disses Silverback. What a joke. A reincarnation of the Bungles the Ratbirds are. They're damned lucky the Steelers showed mercy and ran out the clock in the second half. The score could've been much worse. Anyway, this isn't over. Thanks to Ray and Trevor for the Bulletin Board Material. The Steelers won't be so merciful when they stomp the Rats in Crackmore.
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