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Default Re: I appreciate the Steelers even more now.

Yes, the Ravens are acting very "Bungle like." The thing that both the bungles and the Ravens have in common - coaches that let their players walk all over them.

I can't help but think about the story in training camp, where Tomlin was said to have called Faneca into his office, after Faneca didn't practice over his anger with his contract. I'm not sure that episode changed the way Faneca has acted this season because Faneca is a veteran and a professional. Plus, Allen needs a good year to set a high F A price. However, that sort of thing always gets around the locker room. Tomlin established he was in charge, even if he doesn't scream and spit.

Maybe the Faneca incident was a blessing I disguise. Or, maybe I'm just on a kool-aid high - cause I was surely drinking it in last night.
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