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Default Re: Lambert missing?

Originally Posted by OX1947 View Post
I would prefer to hear from Lambert himself. He did come to the last one they had. I'll be honest with you, the main relief of the Steelers winning in 2005 was not having to hear about the 70's. Maybe he is tired of it too. How many come back tours does the old team have to have. I understand every 20-25 years but I think they have had 3 or 4 of these the last 15 years and may have been too redundant for Lambert...
Not according to the online chat today by Ed.B. of the P-G, who presumably has a source within the organization that has indicated it came down to the appearance fee:

Ed Bouchette: I think Lambert stayed away because he wants more. What that more is, I'm not sure, but it's not more adoration by the fans, that's for sure.

Terrible_Trousers: Big Ed, I've heard Lambert described as a very private individual before, would you guess that was the reason he was not in attendance last night, that he really just doesn't want to be in the spotlight anymore?

Ed Bouchette: No.

Sounds like the only way we will hear from Lambert is if we pay to hear him. He owes the fans nothing - his teammates, the Rooneys, and the game are another matter.

This was not yet another salute to the 70s (and I agree it is good to have something else to celebrate) but to the history of the franchise - if Lambert stayed away because he thinks his time has passed that is admirable - if he wants a payday that is a different matter for someone who certainly did not indicate $$ were what motivated him in his HOF induction speech. Times change and so do people, not always for the better.
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