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Default Re: Celizic: Big Ben, Steelers the Only Hope to Topple Pats

The fantastic thing about living overseas is Yahoo gamepass, get to see any game not shown on sky. The shite thing is, I refuse to give Murdoch (aka the dirty digger) any money and thus don't have sky. You gotta think that Sky's gonna take that game, which means I'll have to head to a friends house to watch it, and that's not always possible... As for the game, realistically, I don't think the Steelers will win. It'll be a fantastic game, but the Pats will prepare like hell for the Steelers. If someone's going to stop them from being perfect, its going to be someone they don't expect, a team they think they'll walk over which'll suprise em. I think steelers are in that annoying category, good enough to worry them enough to gameplan their A game, but not good enough to beat it. I really really hope I'm wrong, but things are looking pretty damn good for the Pats right now. Still I'll take anyone over them Boycows, even the Pats if it comes to that in the SB!
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