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Default I'm starting to have a good bit of confidence for Sunday's game

The fact that the Browns have a awful defense. I think Ben and WIllie will be able to capatilize on that. The Seahawks put up 30 points on them, I think we can put up more. The Browns have given up the most total yards in the whole NFL and have the least sacks, defensively, in the NFL. That should give Ben a lot of time in the pocket and be able to throw to Ward, Holmes, Miller, Washington, and so on.

When I look at this game deeper, it sort of reminds of the Steelers/Bengals games. Bengals always had a great offense and a bad defense. The Browns have a very good offense and a awful defense. I think our D will be able to atleast contain the Browns offense. It might be a struggle but I think we'll be able to contain them. Our offense should be putting up some points though. Willie should easily have over 100.

Not only that but look at the combined record of the teams the Browns have beaten in this 3 game winning streak......4-20! Thats horrible and they barely beat the winless Dolphins and the winless Rams.

Not trying to downplay the Browns because I know they'll be in Pittsburgh ready to PLAY. Just saying that I'm feeling confident about this game.
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