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Default Re: The Penn State Thread...

Originally Posted by bangpow
I HATE Michigan with a passion. I really wanted Penn State to win that damn game, man.

You gotta understand, around these parts in Michigan all people talk about is U of M and how "great" they are. Although, they were ready to jump off a bridge and have Lloyd Carr fired after losses to both WIsconsin, Minnesota, and ND.

Michigan fans have to be some of the most annoying fans on the planet.

You are NOT kidding...I got a weird vibe at the two U of M games I attended (including PSU). They don't party as much. Not much in the way of tailgating, not like PSU. And, they weren't loud at the game. I hear that U of M fans tend to be, well, how should I say "hoity toity" or snobbish while MSU is more blue collar.

I was told to quiet down at the U of M / PSU game because I was cheering too loud. HAHAHA!!!

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