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Default Re: Lambert missing?

First I am biased here...I'm a HUGE Lambert fan. So with that, find it hard to believe that money was the issue. I still have yet to hear from a credible source that was the case. I've met Lambert many times...most recently as two weeks ago in Harrisburg. My wife and I made it to the mall late...his ending time of 3pm came and went. It was about 3:40. I see that the gate is closed. I'm wearing my Lambert throwback jersey as is my 3yr old son. Not only did Jack come back out to sign my jersey. He did so without acting like I was an intrusion. He added the FIVE inscriptions, which I may add he doesn't do, for free. He asked if we wanted my son's picture taken with him. Once again FREE. He didn't have to. He gets paid a flat fee. The only people that made money on that was the dealer. And if money was the issue...SO WHAT!! He played his ass of for this franchise...and was compensated for it. IMO he owes the Steelers nothing. Why aren't we talking about what the Steelers did or did not do for Mike Webster? He wasn't there....HIS CHOICE!!! I know Lambert does alot for charity, so let not act like he's some piece of shit for not showing up for yet another Steelers reunion-like event!

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