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Default Re: the "Jeff Gordon has never won this race 500"

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Based on...............................................?

Before you go off on some other crazy tangent, you DO know that most of the star drivers from 20 years ago probably wouldn't even make the cut for truck racing now, right?

And the simple reason is talent. The talent pool is 50X greater now. These guys like Gordon are like the Tiger Woods of golf. Now kids are racing from the time they are 6 and they are racing everywhere in the Country, not just the bible belt. .
i'd say the superstars of nascar 20 years ago were dale earnhardt and richard petty (possibly dw). so by "stars" i will assume the bill elliots, bobby allisons, harry gants, rusty wallaces, rudds, labontes, and martins (and i'll throw in tim richmond and alan kulwicki cause they were close enough to 20 years ago and never really had the chance to shine).

not only would the majority of these guys build and set up their car, they would drive circles around the truck series drivers of today. most of the young modern drivers would be nothing more than glorified local go-cart heros without their bachelor degree crew chiefs and doctorates of engineering building their engines, backed by multi-million dollar enterprises..

guys like bobby hamilton (rip) and ted musgrave who could barely hang in winston cup back then, can barely dominate the truck series nowadays. ron hornaday is what he is... a great truck series driver at best. like they say, you cant teach speed. you either got it or you dont, and the fastest man on earth is most likely gonna win a race whether he is racing against 10 or 100.

but it really is different now from 20 years ago. back then it didnt pay to put a kid in a car (especially if even the best teams couldnt afford to be rebuilding cars every other weekend).

recruiting and scouting is alot heavier now than then too. back then, potential drivers came to NASCAR, it didnt really go looking for them.

regardless, stars of 20 years ago would simply slaughter the truck series today, much worse than cup series drivers currently dominate the busch series.
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