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Default Re: I don't get this.

Originally Posted by NCSteeler View Post
I really believe that the SD comes from the Local affiliates end. With Superfan you get all games in HD form CBS and Fox, so they are being filmed in HD. And on NFL Network you get all NFL replay games in HD too. What really annoys me is an HD broadcast in 4:3 ratio.
You get a HD broadcast on Superfan if it is in HD from the network - CBS will usually be runnning 1 or 2 SD broadcasts only each week, with the SD broadcast only being on the DirecTV channel below 720 or so in SD. HD broadcasts are on 2 DirectV channels - one SD channel and one Superfan HD channel around 720 or above. Local stations and DirecTV take what they are given

As stated in this link, last week Bills-Bengals was SD only - this week Fox is broadcasting Panthers-Falcons in SD only - it is the crap games that get the SD only treatment. That has meant a lot of Browns games in SD only but IMO the Bengals will be swapped out for the Browns for the SD treatment for the rest of this season
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