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Default Re: the "Jeff Gordon has never won this race 500"

since were talking technology and talent pools to "pilot" a vehicle, im gonna use airplanes along with your premise.

its safe to say that the u.s. military draws on the talent pool from within the borders to fly the jets. would the air force be stronger and filled with better and more talented pilots if we drew from the talent pool of billions you mention? i doubt it. im pretty confident of the govt and its endless resources to teach and train the people to "be all they can be". can a foreigner learn to do it as good or better? possibly. is that simply because they are a foreigner from a much larger talent pool? of course not.

now to the technological aspect and another airplane analogy. without a doubt the vehicles today are much more advanced as is aircraft. so i ask you, who is the better pilot? the WWII flying ace who was a master at dog fighting? or the stealth f-117 fighter pilot who drops bombs on baghdad with surgical precision? both takes equal amounts of endurance, stamina, hand eye coordination, balls, i.e. talent.

a stealth pilot can certainly fly a crop duster, and chuck yaeger could certainly learn how to fly an f-15.

for what its worth, the stealth is so technologically advanced, that in basic theory, it shouldnt even fly. its a triangular shaped pyramid that doesnt even have wings. the pilot is pretty much a passenger, who makes minor adjustments to the computerized flight plan and drops the ordinance. the plane basically flies itself, and if the competer controlls fail, there isnt much the pilot can do except for fall out of the sky with it.
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