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Default Re: Baltimore Sun - Sour Grapes Column Of The Year

Originally Posted by STEEL-MAN View Post
Scott threatened Ward again during his weekly radio show, vowing to ?knock his head off his shoulders,? adding that he would gladly pay a hefty fine to get revenge on the feisty wideout and extended his threat to Ward?s teammates, too.
So let me play devil's advocate here. James Farrior made some comments this week about Kellen Winslow saying "he better have his head on a swivel". I did not see the game against Cleveland where Winslow threw a late block against James, but I understand this is the reason why James made his comments. Personally, I wish players would do less talking of this type and let their play speak for itself. However, how do you reconcile Scott's comments with what James said, and if you were a Cleveland fan, wouldn't you have a problem with Farrior's comments? Just throwing those points out there. Don't hate.
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